Skegness Lagoon Walk: Wind, Seascape and Improvisation

from by Dallas Simpson


On August 2nd 2016, at around 6:10pm, while on holiday in Skegness, a live location performance soundwork was created at the Lagoon Walk location:

1) A walk-in and walk-out phase at the start and end of the work.
2) An observation phase included movements along the walk, across and within the rock structures at high tide with some movement at the end of the Lagoon Walk observing the waves breaking over the concrete Walk structure.
3) An improvisation phase of interaction with wooden railings, metal railings, a plastic litter bin and plastic lifebelt housing.

1) Walk-in
2) Lagoon Walk Observation
3) Rock Observation
4) Lagoon Walk End Section
5) Improvisations
6) Walk-out

Also on the 3rd August 2016, a short video was recorded at the end of the Lagoon Walk as a simple contextual documentation of the location and breaking waves, which were less prominent on this occasion. Strong winds virtually obliterated the soundtrack on the basic Sony camera I was using.

All sounds were from environmental sources, the spatial choreography was performed live and recorded binaurally in a single take without windshields. The tactile perception of ear wind sounds was an essential part of the location perceptual experience at the time of recording. Presented with minor EQ corrections, no mixing and no post record editing. This work follows on from themes established in Filey Promenade and Seascape (2004) and Filey Brigg (2004).





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