Gibraltar Point: Wind, Seascape and Improvisation

from by Dallas Simpson


On August 4th 2016 a live location performance was created on the shoreline at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve at about 9:30am featuring a short walk from the vegetated dune area by the beach to the tidal edge and back to the edge of the dunes.

Some intuitive improvisation was performed using Marram Grass and sand. A woolly hat windshield was used to moderate, but not to obscure the intensity of the ear wind noise, which was an essential part of the location experience. The woolly hat (and inadvertently my left ear mic) was removed rapidly at the point of Unveiling. The work consists of five movements, which continuously merge:

1) Walk-in
2) Tidal Edge
3) Dunes with Marram Improvisation
4) Seascape Observation
5) Unveiling





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