Susan Matthews - From Veliko [PE08]

"'From Veliko’ was in part, inspired by a recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo (the medieval capital of Bulgaria). Most days I wandered to The Monument Of The Assens. I sat and contemplated the old town across the Yantra river, where the ‘hanging houses’ cling precariously to the steep hillside, some are literally crumbling and sliding towards the river below.This seeming fragility is reflected in both the music & lyrics I composed for this project.‘’The road from Veliko’ is also a metaphor for a psychological journey - from the darkness of depression back towards the light."
Susan Matthews
  1. The Road From Veliko (Part One)
  2. A Room Of Lights
  3. St Paul In The Yantra

Composed, performed, and produced by Susan Matthews
Photography and design by Mark Ingram
Created for Netlabel Day 2016.  

Susan Matthews - From Veliko front cover
Susan Matthews - From Veliko back cover

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