Pilot Eleven Creative Commons Podcast 1 (Dec 2014)

First Pilot Eleven podcast of Creative Commons music all released in 2014.

The 7 tracks here have all been selected from the 50 highlights of 2014 list compiled by Pilot Eleven (apart from the Francisco Meirino track).
It includes mostly ambient, drone and field recordings.
Some wonderful pieces in here, all taken from album or EP releases that are free to download.

  1. Grape by Virlyn
  2. La Sal by Lucas BolaƱo
  3. Abandoned Magnesium Works, Hartlepool by Chris Whitehead
  4. Dark Room by Przemyslaw Pajak
  5. Walden by Sheeba Exp
  6. Manual Vintage Washing Machine by Francisco Meirino
  7. Utopia by Proyecto Lazarus & Bleak Fiction