Netlabel Day 2015 Participating Labels Podcast 1

First in a series of podcasts featuring tracks previously released by net labels taking part in Netlabel Day (July 14 2015). 
For more about the day and the labels go to or 
Labels have until June 1st to take part in the day.

Labels in ( )
1. Natalia Spiner - Las ciudades (TZKATZ Ediciones)
2. Mallaka - Sebelum Kau Tidur (Barokah Records) 
3. Turning Torso - Fiebre (Quiero Recordings) 
4. Koichi Ozaki - A Winter Sky (Sólo le Pido a Dior)
5. Secrets Of The 45 - Wintery Russia (Underpolen) 
6. L-UMANO - Catedral Jamaiquina (chamber dub duemilasei) (Daidalos Records and Barbatruco Producciones)
7. Luke Lund - Clemency (with Aidan Baker) (Terranean Recordings) 
8. Karel Goldbaum - Conflagration (Cowshed Records) 
9. SINUX - Agua Caliente (Sólo le Pido a Dior)

Cover image CC license CC BY-NC 2.0 
by Pulpolux !!!