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Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko / Alexei Borisov & Jelena Glazova - Split [PE10]

kostyrko and belorukov live
Borisov and Glazova live
  • Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko

    01 - Security by obscurity
    02 - New edge
    03 - Criss cross

    Ilia Belorukov: ivcs3, monotron, effect pedals
    Sergey Kostyrko: modular synthesizer

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ilia Belorukov at Spina!Studio, 2015

  • Alexei Borisov & Jelena Glazova

    04 – Live at ESG-21, 28.09.14

    Alexei Borisov: electronics, voice
    Jelena Glazova: laptop, controllers, voice

    This part is a live and unedited recording of improvised session played in duo between Alexei Borisov and Jelena Glazova at the Experimental Sound Gallery, St. Petersburg on September 28, 2011.

Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko / Alexei Borisov & Jelena Glazova - split cover

Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko

The duo researches new trends in experimental electronic music using analogue instruments to make sound like modular synthesizers, effects pedals, radio, and digital synthesis on computer, tablets and programmable modules. Field recordings and samples add more spice to their sound. The improvisational nature of their sound enables musicians to never repeat themselves and reveals new facets of music to themselves and their listeners.

The musicians have worked for many years together not in a duo mode but also in such groups as Benzolnye Mertvetsy, Mars-96 and others, they played at numerous concerts, festivals and performances. Their first duo album was released on the Mexican AmpRecs in the beginning of 2015. In 2015 they recorded "Etudes" for their own cassette label Spina!Rec: 25 cassettes filled in real time. Not only the music alone was unparalleled, Alexander Korolev, an artist, painted the covers during the recording session.

The duo likes to use multichannel sound as a new means of presenting musical material in a new dimension. As a rule each works with quadrophonic system, working with specific frequency range and parameters of the system. Thus the duo molds a transparent form where they interact and leave some space to the partner.

Ilia Belorukov at mixing desk
kostyrko and belorukov live

Alexei Borisov

Alexei Borisov started his music career in 1980 as a guitarist of the first Moscow new-wave band The Center. In 1981 he organized The Prospekt, big-beat-ska-mod band. In 1985 with the keyboard-player Ivan Sokolovsky he formed mod-band Nochnoi Prospekt. This project is still active, playing concerts and taking part in different festivals in Russia and abroad. Since the beginning of the 90-s Borisov takes part in electronic duo F.R.U.I.T.S. (with Pavel Jagun).

His latest projects include ethno-electronic band Volga (with Angela Manukjan, Roman Lebedev, Uri Balashov), experimental duo with Anton Nikkila from Finland and Astma duo (with Olga Nosova). In 2000 Borisov and Nikkila formed N&B Research Digest record label. Among other Borisov’ collaborations are the joint projects with Sergei Letov, Olga Nosova, Rada Anchevskaya, Cisfinitum, Ilia Belorukov (Russia); Miguel Ruiz (Spain); KK Null (Japan); Thomas Buckner, Jandek, Jeffrey Surak (USA); Leif Ellgren (Sweden); The New Blockaders (UK); Tania Stene (Norway); Gilles Aubry (Switzerland); Franz Pomassl (Austria); Ignaz Schick (Germany), Edyta Fil (Poland), Dave Phillips (Switzerland) and many others.

Borisov performing live

Jelena Glazova

Jelena Glazova is an artist and a poet from Riga, Latvia. She is working in the interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art, combining image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation in her works.

Her signature sound might be described as experimental, drone and noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. As a conceptual artist she is primarily using her voice as a generator, heavily altering and manipulating it using digital processing. She considers this type of vocal element deconstruction as a form of expressing unpronounced speech – connecting it with her practice as a poet. As a visual artist she is often dealing with physicality, which is also a basis of her work as a sound artist.

Jelena started introducing her records to the public in 2011. She started performing in 2012 taking part in the experimental music and sound art festival Sound around Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad, Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Vilnius, Lithuania), adventurous music festival Skaņu Mežs (Riga, Latvia), video festival Ūdensgabali (Waterpieces) (Riga, Latvia), Art’s Birthday electronic music festival 2013 (Stockholm, Sweden) and others.

She has collaborated with artists and poets – Derek Holzer (US/DE), Alexei Borisov (RUS), Ernesto Estrella(ES/DE), Edvins Raups (LV), Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone, Canada), Platons Buravickis (LV) etc. work as a poet.

She combines interest in postmodernism with its collage aesthetics and deconstruction practices (obtained BA at Latvian Academy of Culture with work on postmodernism in audiovisual culture) and interest in Eastern philosophy with the concepts of nothingness and eternal development.

Jelena Glazova performing live

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