New release by Whalt Thisney - out 1 January

Festival Of Red Leaves (7.39) recorded April 2014 @ Seamonster Sound
A Bed Of Carnations (18.13) recorded March 2015 @ Seamonster Sound
All music by Linden Pomeroy
Engineered by Mike Baker
Artwork by Bambi Goodman

Ikiryõ (Living Ghost)
"While I am rapt in thought, / The fireflies of the marsh would seem to be / My soul, caught up and wandering / Forth out of me."
Goshõi Wakashõ
"'From Veliko’ was in part, inspired by a recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo (the medieval capital of Bulgaria). Most days I wandered to The Monument Of The Assens.

Released for World Listening Day 18 July 2015.
Recorded at a rocky inlet bay, Rubha Hunish - Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Reimagined using a convolution reverb. Original piece Rubha Hunish.

Cities and Memory Sound Waves site
Sound Waves - A piece for World Listening Day 2015 - #WLD2015
World Listening Day site

New recording from electronic musician and producer Distilled Logic. Heavily influenced by his increasing interest in mindfulness and meditation practice.

Released for Netlabel Day July 14 2015

Layered, treated and manipulated field recordings.
All the original untreated field recordings were released under the name FIELD SET

Released for Netlabel Day July 14 2015.

The Evolving Soul Machines Of Political Biology


Tales Of Blue

EP 1 - The Evolving Soul Machines of Political Biology - made up of three tracks that all relate to each other with the use of ideas sounds and repetition. The politics come from me as their creator, with a DNA that exists within all three tracks.

EP 2 - Tales Of Blue - The Native Americans did not have a word for the colour grey only the word blue. Just a musical excursion into the human mind when it's feeling kind of blue yet all it can perceive is grey.

Silo Portem is an experimental improvised music duo, comprising Simon Young on computer-based loops and effects, and Gillian Young on CD decks and effects.

Their unique multi-layered sound combines their own field recordings and improvisations with sounds pulled from diverse sources, ranging from assorted sound FX CDs, through 20th century classical and film music, to samples of contemporary artists, all of which are manipulated beyond recognition. The result is a kaleidoscopic collage of moods, textures, rhythms and atmospheres.

This Mono Galaxy are a synth duo from Brighton, UK. They are Josh and Prince Roger. They have released 4 albums on their own label, Fretro recordings: THE GLAMOUR AND THE PAIN (2008), I AM NOT NO-ONE (2009), THE ENVY SCRATCH (2011), and HERE COME THE CONSEQUENCES (2012). They have released 1 single, FIREFLIES, on the Pilot Eleven netlabel.

"Masters of the quiet desperation dance pop song!"

Composer, engineer, producer and sound designer. Music hardware and software freak. Art and culture Lover.

Occasional field recording project by Graeme Gill.

Selection of field recordings taken from EPs 1, 2 and 3 released originally in 2010 and 2011 at