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Cover image is Snow on Ashdown Forest (Sussex, UK). Snow cover image CC BY 3.0 - Pilot Eleven Netlabel.

"With the powers of sound this release instantly drags you into a odd sounding surreal world. One in which backwards is going to the front and going to the front is going backwards. It’s a strange sensation, as if you slip and slide between these two sources over a squeaky clean surface while under the influence of some sedatives. This is just the first work on this release, so you better prepare yourself for a complete experience bordering weirdness and awesomeness at the same time; I can’t imagine hearing anything that was playing with my mind like this."

Field recording recorded on Ashdown Forest in Sussex, UK on 4 July 2017. The sound of gorse bush seeds popping and dispersing. I placed the recorder on some branches of a gorse bush and retreated. The occasional clicking sounds are the seeds popping. Release for Netlabel Day14 July 2017.

Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko


Alexei Borisov & Jelena Glazova

Split record by Russian and Latvian electronic musicians, focusing on improvisational practices and techniques.

Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko

01 - Security by obscurity
02 - New edge
03 - Criss cross

Ilia Belorukov: ivcs3, monotron, effect pedals
Sergey Kostyrko: modular synthesizer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ilia Belorukov at Spina!Studio, 2015

Field recordings and improvisations by Dallas Simpson, recorded at Skegness on the East coast of England.

Dallas Simpson is an environmental sound artist and has been recording and performing live on location since the mid 1990s. Recordings are exclusively in the binaural format for headphone listening recorded using in-ear custom modified DPA4060 microphones. He engages with locations observing soundscapes and performs live using found objects and surfaces.

Full details on the release page.

Festival Of Red Leaves (7.39) recorded April 2014 @ Seamonster Sound
A Bed Of Carnations (18.13) recorded March 2015 @ Seamonster Sound
All music by Linden Pomeroy
Engineered by Mike Baker
Artwork by Bambi Goodman

Ikiryõ (Living Ghost)
"While I am rapt in thought, / The fireflies of the marsh would seem to be / My soul, caught up and wandering / Forth out of me."
Goshõi Wakashõ
"'From Veliko’ was in part, inspired by a recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo (the medieval capital of Bulgaria). Most days I wandered to The Monument Of The Assens.

Released for World Listening Day 18 July 2015.
Recorded at a rocky inlet bay, Rubha Hunish - Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Reimagined using a convolution reverb. Original piece Rubha Hunish.

Cities and Memory Sound Waves site
Sound Waves - A piece for World Listening Day 2015 - #WLD2015
World Listening Day site

Layered, treated and manipulated field recordings.
All the original untreated field recordings were released under the name FIELD SET

Released for Netlabel Day July 14 2015.

New recording from electronic musician and producer Distilled Logic. Heavily influenced by his increasing interest in mindfulness and meditation practice.

Released for Netlabel Day July 14 2015

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